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“My Stomach Was Swollen After I Slept With Him” – Actress Halima Abubakar Confirms Her Deadly Relationship With A Nigerian Pastor, Threatens To Release More Evidence

ByBishop L.

Jul 25, 2022
Halima Abubakar Undisclosed Illness

Popular Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar has apparently confirmed a report that she had contracted an undisclosed illness after having an affair with a popular cleric.

It is worth recalling that in 2020, the Nollywood actress welcomed a baby boy and posted a photo of the child, but it was later discovered that she used another woman’s baby photo. Afterward, she said that she didn’t post the picture of her baby because he was born prematurely and she didn’t want netizens to see his fragility. (Read Here)

Well, controversial blogger, Gistlover has revealed that the actress was neither pregnant nor gave birth in 2020, but made the claim as a cover-up for her protruding belly at the time.

Halima Abubakar confirms report

Gistlover also shared a private chat she had with the actress, in which she revealed that her stomach was swollen following her alleged affair with a man of god.

Read the full post below,

“Okay, sometimes last year we woke up one beautiful morning and Halima posted that she just gave birth, I came after her so bad that she should stop lying and she debunked immediately with videos and pictures of pregnancy and even babies, a lot of people tagged me a liar, said I am evil, I don’t like good things, yen yen yen.

Fast forward to some years after the truth is here, why is it that people wait for me to bring up the gist before they speak up, so Halima has been bottling this Suleman pain for years until I made my findings and posted the gist before she could speak up.

According to her, after knacking a pastor** for close to two years and he was sponsoring her big time, bought a house for her and all, she woke up one morning and she started having that pain, that was where her woes began, she was carried everywhere and they all pointed at just one powerful person, according to them, even since the sickness started the clergyman stopped giving her money completely before we know what’s going on, she started having protruding belle, the belle grew so big that it looked so much like a pregnant woman.

Halima Abubakar confirms report

You know in my story yesterday I told y’all how she was told that her womb got Damaged in the process of her 6 months bleeding non-stop, so she just thought of what to do with the belle just to cover her shame because people were beginning to ask her if she was pregnant.

She was taken to different hospitals and did test for fibroid but nothing was seen, after a while, the tummy opened and a lot of things started coming out of the tummy, then the tummy started reducing, it was in that process she announced to the world that she gave birth and had to pay for a baby just so people won’t question her, few months after the baby saga the stomach started growing again, it goes on and off now, this is a man of God.”

See the chat receipts below,

After the post was shared online, Halima Abubakar took to her Instastory to seemingly confirm the report, while declaring that she’s not afraid of anyone.