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How To Focus On Studying |15 Amazing Steps To Get You Back On Track



How To Focus On Studying

How To Focus While Studying:

I know that many students find it very difficult to stay focused while studying just like I did during my undergraduate studies.

I remember my very first issue when I got my admission was how to support my parent with the finance of my study abroad. We all know how expensive it can be to study abroad.

So I had to get a job at the local coffee shop, which helped me pay for my textbooks and accrued expenses. This didn’t come cheap as it somehow was taking a lot of my attention too.

Notwithstanding the fact that I am a strong sports enthusiast who will give it to anyone if you dare belittle my darling Arsenal Football Club


I would even challenge them on my PlayStation 2 if they thought my Arsenal was a weak team. of course it was fun but time-consuming. I also remember I enjoyed going to the cinemas too with a lot of my colleagues after works.

This enabled us to bond well, and as well mix with locals as such learn the culture of our host community.

I won’t say the experience was totally bad but it really affected how I focused on studying better. I was misplacing my priorities and I almost paid for it.

If not for these secrets I’m sharing with you in this article. The 15 Amazing steps to get you Back on Track will help any student learn How to Focus on Studying.

Even in the difficult days. you will learn

  • how to focus on studying when depressed,
  • Also, how to focus on studying for exams
  • how to focus on studying and not get distracted
  • Including how to focus on studying when tired and more.

How to Focus on Studying It’s not usually easy, Since I was already following a set study plan, I was able to handle this incident and get back to my schedule.

However, if you are one of those people who is easily distracted and unable to return to study, you need to re-evaluate your priorities.

#1. Set study Goals:

To find your way back to studies, first thing first. you need to set clear study goals. Ask yourself why are you here?

like me, I left home for a reason. traveling all this distance was because I wanted a better life.

To get a better education, which was not obtainable in my home country. Thus, redefining my objectives was a step in the right direction.

Sure, I needed to have fun but that was not my primary objective.

#2. Make a study timetable:

Once, you have redefined your priorities. It’s time for action. I remember my most popular quote then “the time start was yesterday, if you are starting now, you are actually starting late.”

Hence, prepare a weekly study timetable. Set up a routine for everything. This means you should include time for bed, time for eating, and most importantly your study time.

But, as much as you can, stick to your routine and try to make it flexible so don’t feel choked.

How to Focus While Studying

#3. Learn to say no

Another important part of learning how to focus on studying in college is learning how to say no. Now, that does not mean you should shut down your social life after all its part of being a student.

What i am saying is to cut down on how much time is invested in social activities. if you were dining out daily you can reduce that to once a week.

if you were hitting the cinemas weekly, you can as well cut that down to fortnightly.

When a friend requests that you accompany them to a place that will definitely eat into your study time, learn to say NO and perhaps reschedule it for a later time that is more convenient for you.

#4. Stay focused on your priorities.

As I earlier stated keeping tap on your most important priorities will definitely help stay focused on studying.

In my days I had sticker notes which clearly stated what I wanted for every subject I was taking every semester. And I will paste it on my mirror, my bathroom door, and my bedside to ensure I see them every time.

That way I stay on task to make that vision is actualized.

#5. Exercise Regularly

When it comes to staying focused on studies. Your body needs to work hand-in-hand with your brains. Exercise increases blood flow in your and blood and keeps you physically active.

This in turn raises your mental alertness and focus. This was a very crucial part of my studies. scheduling a run around the park for like 2-3hours was part of my everyday routine.

it actually helped me to sleep well, get energized for every task I had to meet for the day.

#6. Have Your Rest time scheduled:

AS important as exercise to your focus, having adequate rest is very important too. I saw my body as a machine that has uptime and downtime.

if I wanted it to work effectively, it needs its rest too like every other type of machine. 2-3hrs of rest meant so much to me.

whenever I wanted to take my rest I usually put my cell phone on flight mode. That way nothing matters at that point except my rest.

#7. Study in a Conducive Environment:

One of the ways to learn how to focus while studying is to create your sanctuary. The environment where you intend to make your study has to be conducive.

For me, the best position to set up a reading table is one that is facing the wall, not too comfy to avoid dozing off but should have enough lighting and free from distraction.

#8. Stay Away from Distracting Websites/Apps

Statistics has it that, it takes an average of 23 minutes to refocus on a task after losing concentration. Thus, if you want to focus while studying ensure to stay away from distracting websites/ apps.

Turning off the phone will be the right thing to do or you can put the phone on airplane mode whenever you are ready to start studying. That way you won’t be easily distracted but focus on your studies

#9. Stay Away from your Bed when studying:

If you have a bed in the room where you study, please DO NOT lay on it if you intend to do an intensive study.

Most time it is important not to set up your place of study as the same as where you sleep.

laying down is never a conducive position for maximum focus.

So, my advice will be to get a proper study desk, that way you won’t be tempted to take a long unexpected nap.

#10. Remove some Materials that are not needed.

To learn how to focus on studying, you must focus on one task per time. Avoid multitasking, it may end up reducing your efficiency.

One way in which you learn how to focus on studying is to remove some material that is not needed in your study space.

To keep your study space clean, make a list of all the items you will be needing for every study session.

In the end, tidy up your study space for the next session. it usually works for me.

#11. Use Studying Tools on how to focus on studies

During my course of study, I discovered that there were tools that made prioritizing and staying focused on tasks easy.

Some of the tools I used included Todolist, ClickUp, Hubspot CRM,, Asana, Dropbox, etc. these tools helped me to sort, organize, and plan my routine.

While tools like SelfControl, timeout, think, Focuswriter, Rescuetime, FlowState all helped me to stay focus on a task.


Concentration while studying has always been a major challenge for most students. As I explained in the article, a lot can be done to help these students. All you have to do is apply one or two of the tips or tricks listed above and make them part of your routine. This way, you will find that your learning units will be more productive and enjoyable!

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