Nigerian Lady Falsely Accuses Her Sibling Of Murder So She Can Acquire Their Late Sister’s Properties

A Nigerian legal advisor, Malachy Odo, has given the story of how a Nigerian woman erroneously blamed her more youthful sibling for executing their rich more youthful sister in Lagos in 2017.

As per Odo, the informer had arranged that the more youthful sibling be remanded in jail forever so she can acquire their late sister’s properties.

The legal counselor, chatted on the homicide of the woman by her gate man, how he was secured and the outcome of her end which highlighted the ravenousness over her advantages by her more youthful sister.

He shared how the more youthful sister who was never near the perished when she was alive, come back from outside land in the wake of finding out about her end and covetously pursued her late sister’s benefits however first needed to attempt to put her senior sibling in the slammer for the supposed homicide of their sister, in order to truncate him from thwarting her arrangements.

Peruse the Lawyer’s account underneath,

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