Nigerian Man Calls Out Slaymama That Left His Toilet Unflushed

A Nigerian man took to his twitter page to get out a woman who visited his home, utilized his can and left it unflushed.

@OlaOfLife said he gave the Abuja-based woman a spot in house during her excursion to Lagos for the NBA meeting, however she apparently left utilized tissue paper on the floor and didn’t flush the can either.

He further uncovered that he needed to carry it to Twitter after she blocked him over a talk in which he advised her of her ‘bad behavior’.

His tweets read ;

I offered your twitter WCM who came from Abuja for the NBA conference in Lagos and needed somewhere to stay in Lekki my guest room.

I have just found out she left the toilet unflushed and left used toilet paper littered on the floor. I feel angry and provoked. Pig in weavon

I am actually so pissed tonight. Worse still she’s not picking her calls. What kind of animal is this?

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