• Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

Adorable Moment Regina Daniel’s Son, knelt To Beg His Mum For Forgiveness After Destroying His New Toy (Video)

ByBishop L.

Sep 21, 2022
Regina Daniels Son Adorable Video

Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels has shared an adorable video of her son, Munir asking her to forgive him after destroying a toy she recently bought for him.

The mother of two recently bought her son, Munir a mini tennis racket because he loves to play with it. However, just a day after handing it over to me, she came home last night to find out that it has been damaged.

Seeing this, Regina asked her son, Munir to apologize, by saying, “I’m sorry, Mama. Please forgive me, Mama,” while kneeling with his hands folded.

Munir complied, but his demeanor and the way he repeated what his mother had told him caused everyone in the room to burst out laughing.

As everyone laughed, Regina Daniels asked her son to give her a hug, and he did while murmuring, “Forgive me, Mama, I’ll not do it again.”

Another bout of amusement ensued when the young child finally muddled the words and said, “I forgive you mama.”

Regina shared the beautiful video on her Instagram page and captioned it:

“This moon is just a big case. He loves playing with tennis rackets so I bought him a mini one on my way from work yesterday, I just returned home today and it’s damaged. I don’t even know what to do with him @princemunirnwoko“.

Watch the video below,