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Top 10 Richest Nollywood Actresses In Nigeria, Their Cars And Net Worth

ByBishop L.

Feb 15, 2021
Richest Actresses, Their Cars And Net Worth

Nigeria’s richest actress has a fortune of ₦850m net worth! Find out who she is and what her taste is when it comes to cars!

The Nollywood industry is nothing without the women who fought for a big place. These actresses clashed with their male counterparts in the local and international scene and came out very well. You already know that great fame means happiness. People like Omotola Jalade and Geneviève Nnaji spent much of the money they made buying great cars. In this article, 9jagistreel.com is going to take a look at the 10 richest actresses in Nigeria and their car collection.

The richest actresses in Nigeria & the cars they drive:

1. Geneviève Nnaji – net worth of ₦850 million:

Geneviève Nnaji is considered Nigeria’s most successful actress, so she deserves first place on our list of the richest Nigerian actresses. Genevieve is known as the most influential actress in Nollywood and brand ambassador for top international brands such as Lux, Range Rover, Amstel Malta, and Etisalat in Nigeria. She has received many awards including a member of the Order of Niger. She owns several million naira houses in Lagos and Ghana.


Overview of Genevieve Nnaji house in Lagos

The mansion in Ikoyi, Lagos is said to cost up to ₦220 million, but that figure can be considered affordable for the richest actress in the Nollywood industry.

Geneviève Nnaji drives a ₦35-million-Mercedes-Benz-G-Wagen and a ₦20-million-Range-Rover-Evogue because only these vehicles deserve the richest actress in Nollywood.


Besides acting, Genevieve Nnaji is also the ambassador for lots of big brands as well. Range Rover for example!

2. Mercy Johnson Okojie – net worth ₦775 million:

Mercy Johnson has become a legend on the Nollywood scene because of her versatility, persistence, and talent. The Kogi-born star has been involved in no fewer than 150 films since she set out in Nigeria. She is married and has three children to a prince in Edo State.


Mercy Johnson has acquired even more luxury cars since she got married to the Edo prince

She takes at least 2 million for a movie role. No wonder she can afford a huge Ajah, Lagos mansion, and a Lexus SUV valued at over ₦15 million. She also has other cars like a Toyota SUV that her husband gave her when their baby was born. It should have a value of around ₦20 million.


Mercy Johnson shared a picture of her family in their house

Mercy Johnson has an estimated net worth of ₦775 million, making it the second richest female star in Nollywood star in Nigeria.

3. Omotola Jalade Ekeinde – net worth of ₦650 million:

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, also known as Omosexy, is one of Africa’s most popular actresses. This is because she has not only appeared in Nigerian films but has also appeared in a number of international films as a supporting actress. The curvy actress is married to a pilot and drives a gold-colored Phantom Rolls-Royce worth over a hundred million naira.


Not many on earth dare coat their vehicles with gold like our woman!


Omotola Jalade Ekeinde is enjoying her life to the fullest

4. Regina Daniels – net worth ₦600 million:

Regina Daniel is considered a rookie in the film industry, which she has since taken by storm. The young actress, who is in her twenties, has been consistent in the news. It should come as no surprise that she is on the list of Nigeria’s richest actresses, having married one of the richest politicians in Delta State in an elaborate ceremony. He’s since spoiled her with cars like:

  • Lexus RX 330
  • Mercedes Benz ML 350
  • Mercedes Benz G-wagon Brabus

and many more exotic cars that she posts on her Instagram. Each of those cars is worth not less than ₦40 million.


I’m not sure if the number of her cars exceeds the number of the projects she’s involved in

5. Rita Dominic – net worth of ₦550 million:

Rita Dominic is a veteran Nollywood actress who became famous for having the sexiest lips and legs in the business. She has appeared in many films since she started acting in childhood. Born in the Nigerian state of Imo, Rita Dominic was born into one of the wealthiest families in the community before she became one of the richest actresses in Nigeria.


We can say Rita and DBanj are good friends of each other

She has won numerous prestigious awards for her acting and production, including the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress. She is also known to have been involved in romantic relationships with certain politicians and military officials.

The two names reportedly dating Rita are Jim Iyke and D’Banj. However, the actress never shared anything about these rumors.

She owns a villa in Lagos worth over ₦150 million and drives a Mercedes Benz ML 350 4matic worth over ₦30 million.


Rita Dominic is among many female stars who love SUVs

6. Patience Ozokwor – net worth ₦520 million:

Patience Ozokwor made a name for herself in the Nigerian film industry when she consistently played the role of an evil stepmother in countless films. The eastern Nigerian actress has also won numerous awards, including some of the African Movie Academy Awards. She is also a musician with various popular songs and owns a fashion design shop.


Patience Ozokwor on the opening day of her shopping plaza in Enugu

Patience Ozokwor has several cars, but she’s not interested in showing them to the public. We captured some rare moments when she’s traveling in her multi-million naira Toyota SUV.


The woman of many talents doesn’t really care much about luxury cars

7. Funke Akindele – net worth of ₦500 million:

Olufunke Akindele Ayotunde, commonly known as Funke Akindele, is Nigeria’s richest Yoruba actress. She made a name for herself in the famous TV series and film sequences that “I need to know”. She is also called Jenifer because of her role in Jenifa’s diary and the accent she uses while playing her role.

Funke Akindele is married to the legendary musician JJC. They have a house in the UK, a mansion in Lagos, and several cars.


This is reported to be Funke Akindele’s new home in Lekki, Lagos

She was mostly seen driving a Wrangler, but some people insist she had a Rolls Royce and a Ferrari too. Here is the possible list:

  • ₦30 million Jeep Wrangler
  • ₦50 million Rolls Royce phantom
  • ₦50 million Ferrari


Funke Akindele’s garage features a sports car from Ferrari!

8. Ini Edo – Net worth ₦450 million:

Ini Edo entered the Nollywood industry in the early 2000s and made a name for herself after appearing in over 15 dozen films. At times she was also considered the sexiest actress in Nigeria. The Akwa Ibom-born actress received several awards including the 2013 NAFCA Award.


Ini Edo in her house-warming party

She owns a huge multi-million naira mansion in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. Initially, it would have cost ₦70 million naira, but the actress spent no less than 10 million more to decorate the house to her liking. The mansion was bought by Philip Ehiagwina after their divorce.

Here is the list of Ini Edo cars in his garage:

  • ₦32 million Mercedes Benz G-wagon
  • ₦40 million Range Rover SUV
  • ₦22 million BMW X5.


Look at her fleet of luxury cars!

9. Clarion Chukwura – net worth ₦400 million:

Clarion Chuwkura is a legendary actress who has been in the film industry since the 1980s. Before that, she was with the internationally known Afro Juju musician Sir Shina Peters. They both have a son who is the most popular music video director in Africa, Clarence Peters.


Clarion and her husband Anthony in their recent wedding

Her last marriage to Femi Oduneye didn’t last long either. In March 2016, 51-year-old Clarion Chukwura remarried her boyfriend Anthony Boyd in the United States. She also shared some photos from her wedding, as you can see above.

The actress has starred in over a hundred films in the past two decades and is still making big money. Clarion Chukwura is also one of Nigeria’s richest actresses. She is not a fan of luxury cars but drives a Toyota SUV worth at least ₦10 million.


Age doesn’t stop her interest in driving expensive cars with the latest technologies!

10. Uche Jumbo Rodriguez – net worth ₦370 million:

Last on the list of the ten richest actresses in Nigeria is Uche Jumbo Rodriguez. Popularly known as the Uche Jumbo, she has been on the Nollywood scene for nearly two decades. She always starred as the bad girl in films, which earned her a regular spot in many films and even awards from renowned show organizers.

Uche Jumbo Rodriguez is married to a Puerto Rican, Kenny Rodriguez, with whom she has a son. They live in their mansion in the USA and in Nigeria.


Uche and Kenny’s marriage is rumored to have crashed due to a 22-year-old American girl

The couple reportedly divorced in 2017 after the Nollywood star removed her husband’s name and photos from Instagram. A photo of Kenny and another American girl was also leaked, bolstering the divorce reports.

At the time, Uche Jumbo immediately denied the rumors despite the live photo, but no updates regarding his family have been found since then.

Uche Jumbo Rodriguez’s garage is filled with cars like a GMC truck worth over ₦30 million and a Lexus SUV with a little less.


Uche Jombo is an ardent SUV collector

Now you have your answer. The richest actress in Nigeria is none other than the stunning Genevieve Nnaji with a net worth of € 850 million.

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