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The Johnson’s Star, Susan Pwajok Emotional As She Mourns Her Screen Mom, Ada Ameh, Shares Private Chat With Her Before She Passed On (Screenshots)

ByBishop L.

Jul 19, 2022
Susan Pwajok Mourn Ada Ameh Death

Actress and influencer, Susan Pwajok, aka Blessing on “The Johnsons” show, has taken to social media to mourn the sad death of her on-screen mother, Ada Ameh.

The late actress – who collapsed and died in Delta state on Sunday, July 17th – starred as “Emu” on the popular TV sitcom and was a mother to four children, including Susan Pwajok.

Susan Pwajok, who was devastated by the news of Ada Ameh’s death, took to her Instagram page to reveal that she was a mother figure to her in real life and not just on film.

Susan Pwajok emotional

She shared screenshots of their conversations to show that the late actress cared for her and loved her like she was her biological daughter.

According to Susan Pwajok, Ada Ameh checked her from time to time, showered her with prayers, and scolded her whenever she was wrong.

She added that the late actress was very present in her life and has not missed a milestone in her life since she was in elementary school.

The grieving actress wrote:

“She never missed any of the milestones no matter how small they were. When I graduated from primary school, she brought drinks on set. When I graduated from secondary school, she insisted on getting me my prom shoes even when prom didn’t hold”.

Read the chats below,

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