“He Realized He Couldn’t Meet A Woman Like Her Anywhere” – Man Explains Why Davido Reconciled With Chioma

Why Davido Got Back With Chioma

A Nigerian doctor and social media commentator has shared his thoughts on the possible reasons why singer, Davido got back together with his lover, Chioma after their split in 2021.

Keep in mind that the music director recently rekindled his romance with his fiancé, Chioma, and they’ve continued to serve as a hot couple ever since. Davido also hinted that their much-anticipated wedding will take place in 2023.

Speaking about the duo’s rekindled relationship, a Twitter user @DrPenking noted that Davido returned to Chioma because she never publicly aired their dirty linen during their split.

He said that if another woman had stood in Chioma’s shoes, she would have dragged his name through the dirt, called him out, and given several “let’s face it” interviews for social media attention.

He said that since Chioma handled the situation maturely, Davido realized that finding a woman like her would be impossible, so he went back to her and claimed his love.

“Are you wondering why Davido came back? A girl like Chioma is extremely rare to find anywhere. 99% of Nigerian girls would have used Davido’s name to chase clout when he left. There is no way you wouldn’t hear that his penis is like a broomstick and he ejaculates in 20 seconds when he looks at a woman undress.

Many media interviews would have been granted. Many things would have been written on Twitter. Many sheds would have been thrown. She didn’t do any of these. People even literally tried to push her to say things, not on one or two occasions but she totally ignored.

Do you know what it means to have a person like Davido break up with you and you don’t drag the hell out of him? That would have meant more popularity, more brand endorsements, more money. She let all slide. What is more? She didn’t mess herself around.” He wrote.


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