Abroad-Based Nigerian Man Discovers His Fiancée Is A Runs Girl After Setting Her Up With N150k Hookup Job (Video)

A Nigerian Man Loyalty Test

A trending video shows the moment a Nigerian man living abroad found out his fiancee is a runs girl after subjecting her to a loyalty test.

According to reports, the young man had flown to Nigeria to surprise his wife-to-be without informing her and decided to test her loyalty.

He reportedly plotted with a female acquittance of his fiancé to set her up with a “juicy” hookup job to see if she would fall for the trap.

As expected, the lady asked his fiancee if she would be willing to sleep with a client for 150,000 naira and she accepted the job.

Lady discovers

However, she received a brutal shock when she arrived at the hotel room and discovered the guest is her fiancé, whom she thought was abroad.

In the trending video, the angry man was seen confronting his fiancee as he revealed he gives her a monthly allowance and even opened a business for her, but she was still unsatisfied.

The lady, feeling bad about being caught, got on her knees and started begging him to forgive her, but he claimed that he was done with the relationship and terminated their marriage.

Watch the trending video below,

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