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“I’ve Never Felt Any Pain Like This Before” – Nigerian Lady Seeks Justice For Her Dog Killed By Estate Security In Lagos (Video)



An American Bully Dog

A Nigerian content creator, Queen Xtelle, has taken to social media to demand justice for her dog, an American bully, who was allegedly shot dead by her estate security in Lagos.

Queen Xtelle took to her Instagram page to share a touching video of her dog, Roxie, opening up about what happened before it was fatally killed.

She said the dog ran away from the house, became disoriented, and wandered into another compound within the estate.

 Nigerian lady seeks

After it went missing, they launched a search for the dog and contacted the estate security to assist in the search.

However, when the dog was finally found, her estate security shot it three times in the neck because the estate has a law that obliges them to kill any wandering dog.

Queen, who was heartbroken by the incident, went online to mourn her tragic death and questioned why they would kill a dog for simply running away from home. She also vowed to bring justice to Roxie.

 Nigerian lady seeks

Read her full post below,

“Two nights ago, Roxie broke out of cage, wandered off and lost her way home(first time ever)We looked everywhere but couldn’t find her and so we informed the estate security just incase they find her. Next morning, we got a call from the estate security saying they found our dog.

Apparently, she went into someone’s compound and passed the night there. Not like she harmed or attack anyone. My brother got there only to be told the estate law states that if a dog is found wandering, they should kill it. Really???

We’ve been living in the same estate for over two years, no one mentioned this barbaric law before now. My brother pleaded with them to release the dog to him but they refused. Roxie got scared and hid when she saw men with weapons coming to attack her. These evil men shot my helpless dog thrice in the neck all for what? Cos she strayed? They shot her in presence of my brother and when she ran towards my brother for help, they chased him away😭 what sort of wickedness is this? If she was aggressive, she’d definitely attack before and after the shot. But you all can see clearly in this video that my poor baby was fighting for her life😭 I’m so broken 💔

Do you know how much I’ve spent in training this dog? Do you know how costly it is to feed a bingo in this economy? Talk more of an American bully😭 Asides from the money, effort, time and resources wasted in training this dog, this dog was a member of my family. She was an emotional support to us all and you shot her just like that? My heart can’t take this💔 I’ve never felt any pain like this before😭

I can’t let this go. I will fight with everything I have even though I know I may not get justice cos this is Nigeria💔 I need people to know that dogs are worth more than animals who bark. I need these perpetrators to PAY. Please help me repost and tag anyone you know that can help this post go viral. I need justice for my Roxie💔

Watch the video below,


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Nigerians React To Video Of Lady Who Shared What The Minimum Wage Per Hour In The UK Will Get You (Video)




UK Minimum Wage

Nigerians have caused a stir after a woman living in the UK shared a video showing what an hourly minimum wage earns her in the supermarket.

The lady first revealed that the minimum hourly wage in the UK is £10, which is equivalent to N14,000 or N15,000 in Nigeria.

She then went to a store to start shopping. She selected several foods including spaghetti, onions, chicken, etc., and then went to the checkout.

After completing the purchase, she realized that she had not used the entire £10, leaving her with just five pence left.

After the video was shared by @the.pretty.oreo on Instagram, different reactions followed with the majority being surprised at the amount of products she purchased with that amount.

Below are some of the reactions;

@bolbelle wrote:  This video will trigger so many Nigerians 😂😂😂

@anthonumeh wrote: Oya now I have decided where I am going

@meetemmanueljacob wrote:  10 pounds well spent! No “P” at all. 😂😂

@generallado wrote:  E reach our turn to be adults, everything kon hard like this

@thefunke.og wrote:  Don’t come to the UK” “Abroad is a struggle, Nigeria is better ” If you don’t geddifok

@kayoflagos wrote:  If you carry 14,500 enter Nigerian supermarket, nothing concern you with trolley.

@bright__r wrote: In this current economy, You can’t even get those items with nothing less than 30k

Watch the video below,


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Watch As Two Uniformed Police Officers Publicly Exchange Blows (Video)




Police Officers Video

Police Officers Video

Two uniformed Nigerian police officers were captured on video exchanging blows over an unknown matter in public.

In a video that went viral on social media, the men were seen punching and pulling each other as they got out of a patrol car.

They all returned to the car when the argument became so serious that one of their colleagues had to intervene and separate them.

The Gombe Police Public Relations Officer, Maheed Muazu condemned the behavior of the security personnel, writing: “Bad behavior; “This cannot be tolerated.”

The trending video sparked reactions from social media users who found the act very unprofessional and undisciplined.

@ChibuzoUdolisa wrote; “So unprofessional, and the one who waded into them with an assault rifle in his hand. He never thought a provoked enough one could have snatched the rifle from him and do regrettable things with it.”

@GbemigaOgunwale commented; “That’s called anger venting. That journey is more important 🤑


@alexandaevergr1 wrote; E be like say dem no share the 💰 equally And query to this cameraman for shaking his hand during recording🤣

@Imarahoo wrote; “@PoliceNG members of the force fighting with their uniform on should be immediately dismissed. The force has failed to uphold discipline for too long. The effect of that is destroying the possibilities of seeing an effective policing system.”

Watch the video below:


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“My Wife And I Walked Out Of This Scene Without A Broken Bone” – Nigerian Man Shares How He And His Wife Survived A Ghastly Car Accident (Video)




A Car Accident

A Nigerian man who identifies himself as @UOnwuvu has taken to his social media page to narrate how he and his wife escaped a horrific car accident.

The young man shared this on the microblogging platform X and included photos and videos of the impact of the accident on their car.

According to him, a tanker’s head fell on their car as they were returning home from an unknown location on October 6, 2023.

He further stated that he and his wife were trapped in the car for more than an hour but emerged from the scene with no broken bones.


Sharing the testimony, he wrote;

“I haven’t tweeted about this before. On the 6th of October, while driving home, our car was rammed into by a tanker fully laden with petrol. The tanker head fell on us, and we got trapped for over one hour. My wife and I walked out of this scene without a broken bone. I am a believer of Christ, and I have heard of miracles before. Now, I am a living miracle. If someone is in doubt of what God can do, show them these photos. For context, that’s a Totoya Corolla, I am 6’3 and my wife is 5’10. We were rescued without a broken bone.”

See tweets below;

Watch the video he shared below;

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