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“You Are Not The Only One To Give Birth To A Son In Nigeria Or Have A Failed Marriage” – Olakunle Churchill Replies Tonto Dikeh



Olakunle Churchill Ex-Wife

Popular businessman, Olakunle Churchill, has responded to his ex-wife, Tonto Dikeh, refuting her allegations that he is broke and doesn’t care for his son.

It is worth recalling that the actress shared a lengthy article accusing Churchill of being a deadbeat who has never bothered to check up on his son for seven years. (Read Here)

Churchill took to his Instagram Story to explain his side of the story and provide proof that he was not poor and very involved in their son’s life.

According to Olakunle Churchill, he paid for his child’s overseas delivery and also bought the car for King, but Tonto denied it.

He wrote;


“I paid for my child to be delivered abroad. Why lie that I wasn’t responsible??? You changed my son’s name without my permission just because we aren’t cool. A child doesn’t have to suffer for his parents differences.
The court ordered you to change his name back to his original name but you didn’t comply.
I have several businesses which you are well aware of. I am a software engineer by profession but I am not longer practicing that profession fully because I have other business which I have decided to focus on. I have been making money through my other businesses and companies to your knowledge. You have decided to label me a yahoo boy because my profession as a software engineer is computer related.
You are known to publicly tarnish the image of your exes. It is common knowledge that you always tag your exes broke after they break up with you just like you did with the gold one tagging him fake Gold user. There are several others you have called kidnappers and other bad names.
You have the bad attitude of telling any lie to tarnish the image of anyone you are not longer cool with
You need to stop using my name for clout or as an opportunity to regain your long lost glory.
You claim I am a deadbeat dad but I have a trust fund set up for my child and have tried severally to send stuff to him, but you swore to always burn anything that comes from me.
It is this same you who kept begging your ex that if you died, he shouldn’t let my son see me; his father. Ain’t you being way too desperate to smite me?
Stop trying to bring me down or downplay my efforts. I’m a man, I always have been and I always will be… I do not run away from my responsibilities but if you are trying to mess with my mental health, I’ll rather not have anything to do with you until I can see my child.
You are not the only one to give birth to a son in Nigeria or have a failed marriage. People move on, especially when they have something good going on for them. You are very much aware that I’m a father to thousand of kids and university students out there. Records don’t lie
We only lived together for 6 months and it was hell.
You didn’t go through any hardship or trouble with me. The whole Abuja knows about this.
Show the public any proof of payment or supporting me when we were together.
I have been doing very good 2 decades before I met you. Stop downplaying me because we are no longer
together. If l’m as bad as you painted you should have moved on long ago.”


Gospel Singer, Mercy Chinwo Files N2 Billion Lawsuit Against Musician, Obidiz, For Using Her Name In A Secular Song



Mercy Chinwo Lawsuit Against Obidiz

Popular Nigerian gospel singer, Mercy Chinwo, has filed a lawsuit against the musician, Obidiz, for using her name in a secular song.

In the March 23, 2023 lawsuit, Mercy Chinwo accused Obidiz of the derogatory use of her name and photograph in secular audio and video music.

The song in question, titled “Mercy Chinwo,” was released in 2023 and tells the story of a wayward church girl.

“She dey share me the cake, but she no want commit. Mercy Chinwo for church, but for club na Cardi B sef”, the lyrics read in part.

Through her attorneys, the gospel artist, who has built a reputation for her powerful voice, inspirational lyrics, and unwavering commitment to her faith, ordered Obidiz to remove the song from all digital platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Sound Cloud, and others.

He must apologize to Mercy Chinwo, both privately and on social media. If he fails to meet her demands, a lawsuit will ensue and he will be forced to pay Mercy Chinwo N2 billion in damages for the slanderous use of her name.


“That you immediately CEASE AND DESIST from any further use of the name and image of Our Client in promotion of your music.

4.2 That you take down or cause to be taken down, the song titled “Mercy Chinwo” which you published on be taken down immediately from all music digital platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Sound Cloud and any other platform whereby you made such publication.

4.3 That you take down or cause to be taken down, the promotional video containing the image and clips of Our Client from all social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and any other social media platform where you made such promotion.

4.4 That you immediately make public an apology in writing, addressed to Our Client and publicized on all social media platforms whereby you express a retraction and remorse for the harassment, defamation of character and unauthorized use of Our Client’s name and image.” The suit read in part.


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Dancer Korra Obidi Delighted As She Buys $1.6M House In The US (Video)



Korra Obidi House In Los Angeles

US-based Nigerian dancer and singer, Korra Obidi, is now the proud owner of a multi-million dollar house in Brentwood, Los Angeles.

The mother-of-two, who recently finalized her divorce from her ex-husband, Justin Dean, shared the news on her respective social media pages on Thursday afternoon, March 30th.

On her Facebook and Instagram pages, Korra shared a video capturing the fulfilling moment as she visited the agents to sign the house deeds.

In her caption, while expressing her gratitude to God, Korra Obid threw a subtle shade at her critics. She noted that despite the abuse and backlash she faced on social media, God crowned her hard work with good results.

“Small Nyash, Big God. The naked divorced disgrace don buy house. 🏠

Thank God say man no be God.

We did it @korraverse_ Grateful to my family and friends. This is for you @junedean_ @athenadean/ Landlady of a $1,600,000 home. 📍

Brentwood Los Angeles. #grateful #landladykorraobidi #smallgirlbiggod”, she wrote.

Watch the video below,




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Relationship Expert, Blessing Okoro Arrested By FCID (Video)



Blessing Okoro Arrested By FCID

Self-proclaimed relationship expert and blogger, Blessing Okoro, has been arrested by Nigeria Police Force Criminal Investigation Department (FCID) men in Alagbon.

The controversial internet personality, who recently made headlines over the risqué outfit she donned on a date, was arrested at her home this morning.

While it is still unclear why she was arrested, there is speculation that it is linked to the case of the popular Lagos businessman, IVD, and his late wife, Bimbo.

Remember that after Bimbo’s death, Blessing Okoro took to social media to support businessman, IVD, who has been accused by the family of killing his late wife, Bimbo.

In a series of posts, Blessing said that contrary to the story being sold by Bimbo’s family, IVD experienced domestic violence in his marriage to Bimbo.


She claimed that Bimbo physically assaulted her husband several times before her death and had always threatened to end their lives.

While IVD has already been charged to court by the Lagos State Government, Blessing Okoro was arrested this morning.

A video of Blessing being taken away in a police vehicle has surfaced on social media. Watch below.

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