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USC Study Abroad: How To Study Abroad With USC

USC Study Abroad: How To Study Abroad With USC

USC offers exciting and diverse opportunities to spend a semester or year study abroad with more than 55 programs in 28 countries.

Some programs include opportunities for research, experiential learning, or internships.  All students are encouraged to integrate study abroad into their overall USC experience.

The Office of International Programs encourages all USC Aiken students to study abroad, but it is important to make sure you meet the requirements before applying.

The eligibility criteria discussed later in this page are in place to ensure that students have been academically successful on campus prior to the start of their academic semester abroad.

About University of Southern California

The University of Southern California is a private educational institution founded in 1880.  It has a total enrolment of 20,790 (Fall 2021), an urban location, and a campus size of 226 acres.

It uses a semester academic calendar.  University of Southern California’s 2022-2023 Best Colleges Rankings – National Universities, #25.  Its tuition and fees are $64,726.

The University of Southern California’s central campus, called the University Park campus, is located in the Arts and Education Corridor in downtown Los Angeles.

USC has other campuses in Los Angeles in addition to locations around Southern California and in Sacramento, California and Washington, DC.

Students can participate in more than 1,000 organizations on campus, ranging from religious groups to sports clubs.  USC students are not required to live on campus, but the university offers housing in approximately 40 residence halls and apartment buildings.

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How To Study Abroad With USC

The USC Study Abroad program is a short semester program that gives you the opportunity to study three or four courses (36 or 48 units) in one semester. In this program you will:

  • Experience a great option for high school graduates who want to study abroad without committing to a degree or want to study abroad briefly while earning credit toward a home degree
  • Get life-changing opportunities and an academic and cultural adventure that will allow you to move overseas, further your studies and fully experience Australian culture

Located in the sunny state of Queensland on the east coast of Australia.  USC is just a short drive north of the state capital, Brisbane

Program Structure

Study abroad students are eligible to take 3 or 4 courses (36 or 48 units) per semester and can choose from a wide range of disciplines.  For a full list of courses available through the Study Abroad program, visit our Study Abroad Course List.

How To Choose Your Courses

There are two main course selection lists:

Select the appropriate semester and view each course to see which one interests you. Indicate the 3 or 4 courses* you wish to take when completing the study abroad application form

The standard course load for this program is 3 or 4 courses (36 or 48 units).  We recommend that you choose more courses at the place of application to be prepared for possible timetables.

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USC Study Abroad Course Approval

Requesting course approval from USC is easy!  When we receive your complete application with your proposed courses, we will assess your eligibility and let you know by email which courses have been approved.

Remember that any course that is on the pre-approval list is already approved by USC and you do not need additional approval from us before enrolling.

For Students Applying Through The Home Institution

If you are currently enrolled in an institution of higher education, you should check with your home institution about credit transferability for courses taken at USC.

Select your courses and have them approved by USC and your home institution prior to your arrival.

USC offers a limited number of graduate courses to students who are currently enrolled in a master’s program at their institution or who have completed their undergraduate studies.

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USC Study Abroad Application Process

Students must apply through the online application form.  Once approved, exchange and partner/direct program students will be required to complete a host university/program application provided by the USC Aiken Office of International Programs.

During the pre-advising and application process, we encourage students to meet with their department’s academic advisor to discuss course requirements while abroad, as well as with a financial aid advisor to understand the availability or limitations of study abroad funding.

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How To Apply

It’s never too early to start planning your study abroad.  Consider academic and personal goals, explore program options, review eligibility requirements, research funding opportunities, and note important deadlines.

  1. Explore your study abroad program options
  2. Meeting with the Office of International Programs (OIP)
  3. Complete the USC Aiken Study Abroad Application
  4. Meeting with an Academic Advisor and Financial Aid **
  5. Complete the application form for the host university/program
  6. Complete the course approval and registration forms
  7. If necessary, apply for an entry visa
  8. Attend a pre-departure orientation with the OIP

During the pre-advising and application process, we recommend that students meet with their department’s academic advisor to discuss course requirements while abroad and with a financial aid advisor to understand the availability or limitations of study abroad funding.

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Financial Aid For USC Study Abroad Programs

US citizens and permanent residents may be eligible for federal cash assistance.  Apply online and complete the FAFSA form for a scholarship.  But foreign students cannot get help.  They should apply for other scholarships available to them.

Master’s scholarship

Students entering the Master’s program are eligible for this scholarship.  They do not need to apply separately for this scholarship.  However, applicants must meet the requirements to receive these grants.  Some grants are available to eligible applicants at the time of admission.

Merit scholarship

Merit-based program for applicants with outstanding results.  Who have an excellent result and high academic success.  To get this scholarship, they must apply online and submit all supporting documents.

Both students and students of master’s programs can apply for a scholarship.  International students can also have a scheme.  But they must have a minimum GPA to continue financial aid.


In all study abroad programs, students are ineligible if, at the time the program begins, the student: (1) is on active disciplinary probation or (2) has been on academic integrity probation for less than one full fall or spring semester.

Studying abroad is an experience that can be tailored to your needs and interests.  Students can customize their study abroad experience by choosing destination, program type, program length, courses, and more.  When searching for a program, it’s important to consider academics, personal goals, program cost, and attitudes toward different populations.

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