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ASU Study Abroad: How To Study Abroad With ASU

ASU Study Abroad: How To Study Abroad With ASU

The Office of Global Education at ASU (Arizona State University) offers more than 300 different study abroad programs in more than 65 countries.  ASU Online students can study abroad during any semester in programs ranging from one semester to one week.

Your study abroad experience has a positive impact on your life even after you graduate.  Because ASU offers so many international, domestic, and virtual program options, you can find a wide variety of coursework to meet your academic needs.

Plan ahead and talk to your academic advisor about the best time to apply for the Global Experience as an ASU Online student.

About Arizona State University

Located in the American Southwest, Arizona State University (ASU) is a diverse, highly ranked public research university.  It offers students first-class facilities, individual support and elite athletics.  It is based at four campuses in Phoenix and one location across the California state line.

ASU offers a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate majors offered in 17 academic schools and colleges.

They also offer study programs for international students, which are designed to make it easier for you to get to know an American university while receiving additional language and cultural support.

The varsity’s track and field teams are known as the Sun Devils, and their 26-sport roster competes in NCAA Division I.  ASU boasts more than 650 student-athletes as well as several accomplished athletic alumni, including golfer Phil Mickelson.

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Why Study Abroad With ASU?

You will have the opportunity to develop a global perspective on your field of study, gain a sense of the direction and purpose of your future career and begin to build a network of professional contacts around the world.

Study abroad programs are flexible, so you can plan your global experience around your schedule.  In addition, any program offered by the Global Education Office provides ASU credit toward the degree.

Potential employers value the skills students can gain through study abroad experiences, such as critical thinking, problem solving, flexibility, adaptability, confidence, and intercultural skills.

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ASU Study Abroad

ASU’s Global Education Office administers programs in over 65 countries, totalling over 250 different programs!  ASU offers five different types of global education programs: Faculty Programs, Global Intensive Experiences, Partnerships, Exchanges, and Internships.

You can participate in the Global Education program during the summer, spring break, fall semester, spring semester, or throughout the year.

ASU has several programs in Israel.  All through the ASU Office of Global Education.  The first three are available for study during a semester or a year.  Other programs for teachers and Global Intensive Experience programs.

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Eligibility Requirements For ASU Study Abroad

Eligibility requirements vary by program, so be sure to check the specific program details to make sure you’re eligible.  In general, the eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Sophomore or higher (at least 24 credits taken prior to the Global Education program), although some programs may be open to first-year and/or transfer students.
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.0, although many programs will require a higher cumulative GPA.
  • An ASU student seeking a degree, although some programs may be available to non-degree students.
  • Good standing in accordance with the ABOR/ASU Student Code of Conduct.

ASU understands that some students may not be sure if participating in a global education program is for them, and we want to assure you that this experience can be a great opportunity for all students.

They know that not everyone has the same questions when it comes to participating in an international program abroad.  To that end, ASU has put together resources for various student groups that can help you get started!

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ASU Study Abroad Courses

This highly culturally diverse program encourages classroom participation both inside and outside the classroom, and peer support is a big part of student life at ASU.  Academically, if you thrive in an environment that values ​​independence as much as teamwork, this is a great program for you.

After a one-on-one conference with your supervisor during orientation week, you choose courses that enhance and enrich your current research and academic career.

Because the personalized attention here is greater than at most large universities, you can immerse yourself in topics that really interest you, get an American perspective on the subjects you are currently studying, and improve your English in a supportive social environment.

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What To Consider When Choosing An ASU Study Abroad Program

Do you need to take major, minor, elective or language credits?  Be sure to discuss your Global Education program with your academic supervisor.

If you want to focus on a new area of ​​study during your program, or prefer to attend classes led by an ASU faculty member only with ASU students, then the faculty-directed programs are for you.

Do you want to attend English classes with local students, international students and American students, with access to professional staff on site?  This program structure is usually available in Affiliate Programs.

Want an independent experience while studying at a local university in the local language?  This can be found using the Exchange programs.  Are you interested in an internship, research, or training opportunity within your program?


ASU has a truly international community of over 10,000 international students and scholars.  The University’s International Student and Scholar Center (ISSC) is ready to provide you with information about immigration, visa assistance, settling into ASU, and cultural differences you may encounter.

If you are an international first-year student, you will live in a college residence hall on the same floor as students in your academic program.  This means that you will be able to make friends with the people you see every day and be able to support each other in your studies outside of the classroom.

Participating in social activities on campus is a great way to integrate into university life, and ASU offers over 1,000 student clubs and organizations that you can join.  You can join clubs to learn something new or continue to explore what you enjoy and make new friends.

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